198 N. Washington Avenue, Bergenfield, NJ 07621 | 201-387-4055

Planning Board

Contact Information:

Planning Board Contact: Construction Code Office
Address: 198 North Washington Avenue
Bergenfield, NJ 07621
Phone: 201-387-4055 x4 
Fax: 201-385-7376 

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Members: Class: Term Expires:
Louis Castellucci Chairman 12/31/19
Mayor Class I Member 12/31/19
Gerry Naylis Class II Member 12/31/19
Thomas A. Lodato Class III Member 12/31/19
Jerald Berger Class IV Member 12/31/22
Mike Knowles Class IV Member 12/31/21
Benedict Cabrera Class IV Member 12/31/21
Romeo I. Abenoja Class IV Member 12/31/21
Robert Rivas

Class IV Member

Cynthia Naylis Alt. #1 12/31/19
Greg Polandick Alt. #2 12/31/20
Hilda Tavitian Board Clerk  
Ronald Mondello Attorney  
Boswell Engineering Engineer  


Meeting Schedule:

Regular Meetings of the Bergenfield Planning Board are held at 8:00PM in the Council Chambers of the Municipal Building, 198 N. Washington Avenue, Bergenfield, New Jersey, except as otherwise noted.

January 28 July 15
February 25 August 19
March 18 September 23
April 15 October 28
May 20 November 25
June 17 December 16
  January 27, 2020